Best Liver Detox Tea That Cleanses Your Body

Alica P. Craig

Everyone in this era has a hectic life and tries to keep their body fit. While physical exercises play a major role in the fitness of the body, a change in diet can help significantly to ensure that the person remains healthy. The liver has a key role in various body functions like cleansing the blood, digestion of fats, proteins, protein synthesis, and digestion of carbohydrates. However, liver overworks because people consume alcohol and junk food frequently. To detoxify the liver, liver detox tea contributes to natural cleansing. 

Let’s go through the list of teas that help in cleansing your body:

  • Turmeric tea: 

Turmeric is not just a powerful spice having significant importance in history, it is also a key ingredient of most of the Ayurvedic home remedies. People believe that the properties of turmeric can help a person remain fit & healthy in the long run. It eliminates the toxicity in your body when you consume it regularly. Well, turmeric tea is one of the promising ways to get rid of toxicity in the body. You can add turmeric to boiling water and add honey as well. Drinking this daily will remove the toxic substances from your body and you remain healthy. 

  • Chamomile tea: 

One of the most popular teas and a favourite of all these days is chamomile tea. It has sedative properties and is also a powerful antioxidant. It helps to improve your sleep and relieve your stress. Chamomile tea helps to regulate the nervous system and calms down the inflamed tissues of the body making it the best detox tea. To drink chamomile tea daily, add a tablespoon of chamomile flowers in the boiling water. Cover it for 8 to 10 minutes and then drink this tea. To experience the best benefits of this tea, you must drink this tea for two weeks every day. 

  • Ginger and lemon tea: 

A drink common between sports enthusiasts and other athletes is ginger and lemon tea. This classic detox tea is a perfect blend of lemon and ginger that offers effective anti-inflammatory properties. This not only accelerates the weight loss process but also detoxifies your body. It helps to boost metabolism, relieve bloating, and prevent illnesses. You only need to add the juice of a lemon and ginger slice in boiling water. Mix it well and keep it for 10-15 minutes. Considered the best detox tea, you must drink this tea at bedtime for promising outcomes. 

  • Mint tea:

Mint tea is another detox drink that people usually consume. Peppermint leaves have essential oils like menthone and menthol that efficiently perform detox functions while aiding in good digestion. You need to add 2 tbsp of mint leaves to boiling water and keep it aside for some time. Half an hour before going to bed, drink this tea and let it detoxify your body.


These are some of the best detox drinks that eliminate toxicity from your body and help you remain in sound health. Consuming them keeps the liver good and aids the liver in performing functions properly. 

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