Choosing the best Nurse Staffing Agency in 2021

Alica P. Craig

A higher number of healthcare executives are open to staffing agencies than in the past, according to a 2019 study of the trend in nurse staffing because nurse vacancies remain high in the United States of America as more hospitals weigh their staffing options to address seasonal fluctuations, nurse retirements, and burnout. You could learn more about the healthcare staffing agency FAQ. if you are considering partnering with a nurse staffing agency. Here are a few tips on choosing the best nurse staffing agency in 2021.

Do hospitals use staffing agencies?

Nurse Staffing Agencies contract RNs to work in a wide array of healthcare facilities and deliver nurses to hospitals that have difficulty in filling both temporary and permanent placements in their facility, Nursing agencies are there to ensure that their nurses would be able to provide the highest-quality care to your patients, may it be from travel nursing or maybe even home care.

The Need for Sustainable Solution

With more relying on staffing agencies to fill those needs. Facilities across the United States are changing their tactics to alleviate critical staffing challenges. They have developed a comprehensive approach to healthcare staffing as they felt the brunt of the shortage as they plan for the future.

Factor to Consider When Hiring a Nurse Staffing Agency

  1. Quality

High-quality nurses would create a baseline of stability for their units and facility as a whole, so healthcare facilities are looking for nurses who can perform well under stress and keep up with the fast-paced environment of the floor. A nurse that performs at a high caliber will ultimately contribute to the long-term stability of the unit, which is why quality is a primary decision factor when they are deciding on a staffing agency.

  1. Speed

A per diem or a PRN is likely your best bet if you need positions filled immediately because how quickly you need help could also impact what type of nurse staffing you choose. It might be best to look for temp-to-perm nursing contracts if you need help with long-term staffing. It may be worth looking into a sustainable long-term strategy even if RNs take longer to arrive at the facility, although speed is an important factor for consideration in the short term.

  1. Price

When you are looking for a staffing agency to work with, you don’t just go with the cheapest agency because it is the most affordable, you have to make sure that you check out all of your options and find something both cost-effective and high quality because the quality of their nurses might not be up to par with your standards. 

Type of Placements

  1. Per Diem or Pro Re Nata (PRN)

Meaning “per day”, per diem nurses are hired to be on-call. Their contract would usually range from days to weeks and they are not guaranteed hours. Pro Re Nata, on the other hand, means as needed and they usually require nurses to meet a certain number of stipulations to keep the job, like working on the weekends and on the holidays.

  1. Temp-to-Perm or Permanent Placement Contracts

If you aim to eventually have full-time employment, then Temp-to-Perm contracts are ideal contracts for you as a registered nurse. They offer Registered Nurses time to settle down and figure out if they like the location, then they would eventually transition them into permanent positions.

  1. Travel Nursing

Travel nurses can come from all over the country, and they are often working in several specialties in order to fill the gaps that are needed in the healthcare facility that they are assigned to. They usually work in short, four to six-week contracts.

  1. International Nurse Staffing Agencies

International nurses are recruited through agencies to work in the United States on contracts that last two to three years before transitioning to full-time staff.

Tips for Choosing a Travel Nursing Agency

  1. Ask for what facilities they partner with
  2. Discuss the benefits of working with the agency
  3. Find a reputable, experienced agency
  4. Consider the size of the staffing firm
  5. Ensure they have worked with a nurse in your specialty
  6. Ask what cities have availability

The need for a sustainable long-term solution becomes more apparent as the nursing shortage looms and proper nurse staffing is critical in helping prevent RN burnout and improve patient outcomes. Nurse leaders are becoming more knowledgeable about the different types of staging agencies, placements, and factors to consider to best fit their needs with more healthcare facilities beginning to understand the importance of having a multi-faceted approach to staffing.

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