February 7, 2023


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Consequences of cooking the same recipe and ways to innovate healthy meals.

How to Choose and Use Healthy Cooking Oils – Health Essentials from  Cleveland Clinic

Cooking as an activity will lead to eating, which is essential to living. You need to cook and eat daily to survive. However, some people tend to cook the same food every day in the same way; they prefer eating constant food either for the love they’ve got for it or some other reasons. But in this post, you’ll see the consequences of cooking the same recipe and eating the same food. You’ll also be enlightened on new ways to incorporate healthy meals into your daily diet.

Consequences of cooking the same recipe include:

Nutritional Deficiency
Eating the same food every day will expose you to losing some essential nutrients. This will help to avoid nutritional deficiency. For instance, imagine you eat fish and chips daily. As it is known that fish is proteinous, cooking it over and over will limit your nutritional supplements to proteins alone. But imagine you eat fish and chips today, spaghetti bolognese tomorrow, etc., your body will be enriched with the nutritional values of the foods you are eating.

Stagnant weight loss
Are you obese or have a lot of fat in your body? Check the food you eat. From recent studies, it can be deduced that eating the same food every day can delay weight loss in the body. So, even if you feel eating vegetables alone is ideal for losing weight, you might be hindering yourself from losing the fat when you don’t have different meals, and this can lead to a stagnant weight loss. You might even get confused when you realize you’re no more losing weight, so check the food you eat and incorporate other meals.

Risk of metabolic infections and boredom
Cooking the same recipe can expose you to some metabolic diseases like hypertension, low blood sugar, etc. As seen in different studies and researches, eating diverse, healthy meals will make you immune to metabolic disease and will improve your metabolic health. Also, eating the same food will bore you out one day. Boredom is likely to occur when you cook the same recipe and eat the same meal every day. Your taste buds will want something for a change, and you might lose interest in the food. The so-called food will become monotonous, and can even start to irritate you if care is not taken.

Miss out on beneficial bacteria in the gut
When you cook the same recipe, you miss out on beneficial bacteria in the body. But rotating your meals and eating various foods will increase beneficial bacteria which will help to get rid of abdominal fat and Obesity.

Here are ways to innovate healthy meals.

Have a meal timetable
If you wish to stop yourself from cooking the same recipe every day, you’ll need to draw a meal timetable. A meal timetable will comprise the various foods you’ll like to cook during breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Having a meal timetable will save you from cooking and eating the same food during every meal. You don’t have to cook every meal on your timetable. Hence, if you can’t cook a particular meal you like, you can still include them on your timetable. You could either challenge yourself to learn to cook the meal or order for them. There are healthy food companies that can deliver tasty meals to your home. Some of such companies you might want to try include Swanson Health Products and Piquant Post.

Get a little of everything
When you’re at the market, make sure you survey the food section very well. Wander around the food section and try to get a little of different foods. Getting a little of everything will avail you the opportunity of cooking new meals, and having additional nutrients. You’ll also be encouraged to experiment with the different foods you’ve gotten, and innovate healthy meals into your meal routine.

Make research and experiment with what you learn
Another way to innovate healthy meals into your diet is to do researches. It would help if you read cookbooks, watch cooking tutorials, and check out food blogs; all these will help you understand the vitality of eating different foods, their nutritional value, and how to prepare them. Researches can even help you discover your flair for trying out new things. Watching cooking videos and studying how foods are cooked isn’t enough if you don’t implement and experiment. Most times, when you watch a cooking video, you should try as much as possible to get the ingredients and cook the food. Implementing what you learned is a good way of innovating healthy meals.

Cooking the same food might not be stressful, but it is boring. You need to increase your knowledge of food and healthy eating. However, before you can innovate healthy meals into your meal routine, you need to be determined. And to be determined, you need to discipline yourself not to eat the same food, and opt for other interesting meals; you need to steel yourself against procrastination when the need to implement what you’ve learned comes up. You also need to understand the nutritional value a lot of food has to give and be open-minded to eating them.