May 31, 2023


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Does A Pain Relief Patch Really Work? Icewave by Lifewave Sure Does and I Have Seen It Happen

Lifewave Patches were introduced to the public back in 2004 by David Schmidt, Inventor & CEO. The first year the company introduced Energy Enhancer and has since introduced Silent Nights, Glutathione, Carnosine, Ice Wave, SP6 and in January 2011, Aeon.

In this review I will tell you the benefits of the Icewave patch plus I will give you a firsthand account of how it has benefited people in my circle of people.

The Icewave patch is a pain relief patch.

Are you aware of how many people are in pain right this minute? Low back pain, knee pain, headaches, hip pain and the list goes on. I bet you know someone who is suffering with pain right now. People are not only suffering from pain, but the constant pain is putting a lot of extra stress on the body.

Stress causes inflammation in the body. Long term inflammation causes damage to tissues in the body. This will cause pain in the body.

How does the Icewave patch work?

The patches are placed in most cases directly in the area of the pain using the “clock method”. This method was developed to provide fast and effective results for non-specific, localized pain.

Lifewave does have specific placement protocols for head pain, low back pain, all over body pain and more.

In simple terms, the patch causes a bio-chemical reaction in the body. This reaction causes temperature changes in the body which in turn reduces inflammation. Once the inflammation has decreased, healing can begin.

What changes occur with the Icewave Patch?

Reduced pain (most cases within seconds)
Reduced Inflammation

What I have witnessed with the Icewave Patch.

Everyday I see someone using the patches for the first time and are totally amazed at how fast their pain went away. In most cases it is within seconds, yes I did say seconds.

Here are just a couple of examples of what I have seen personally.

A man who has wrist pain that is constant (he is scheduled for surgery, but might be cancelling that). There are two patches that are used for pain relief. The brown patch is negative and the white patch is positive. The white patch was placed directly on the area with the most pain. He was asked to push down on the patch and see if his pain was better, worse or the same. He stated it was a little better. The brown patch was then placed at the twelve o’clock position (visualize a clock), the pain stayed the same. The brown patch was then moved around to the 3 and 6 o’clock position. At the six o’clock position the pain was gone 100%. This all took about 30 seconds.

Another case was a lady with pain in both knees (she had already had both knees replaced several years ago but still has pain). This time the brown patch was placed on the area of her knee with the worst pain and the clock method was done. After a couple different placements her pain was gone and the same was done to her other knee with the same results.

I have seen probable hundreds of cases like this so far. And it is the best feeling to see someone who has been suffering in pain, get rid of it right away.

If you know anyone who has pain, then you owe it to them to share this information with them.