June 2, 2023


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Guides for Beginners on Travel Nurse Jobs

Travel Nurse Resume Guide | Sunbelt Staffing

Are you a nurse and looking for job opportunities where you can practice your profession without too much stress? If yes then this guide can help you know where to start. Nurses are known to have a toxic task since they have to work long hours and be able to fulfill all their duties and some are even mandated to do overtime after their regular shift, so they can be able to say everything is finally done. This is a set up in a regular nursing job, but what if I tell you that travel nurse jobs are different and better. Here are some guides and Information about travel nursing for beginners:

Learning About Travel Nurse Jobs

What To Know About Travel Nursing? To be able to understand a travel nurse you have to know what it means right? Travel nursing simply means nurses that are assigned to different places, maybe a city away from their residences or assigned to other States to work as a nurse in a medical facility who needs their service. Travel nurse agencies are responsible for recruiting qualified nurses and will be the one to assign them to their contacts in different medical facilities that need to hire nurses.  

Learn How To Prepare To Be A Travel Nurse  

Before becoming a travel nurse there are qualifications and requirements. Travel nurse agencies Although you will be under a travel nurse agency you will still be required to present the following:

  • State ID or any Valid Identification Card
  • Should have a registered nurse licenses 
  • Have passed the Nurse Licensure Compact State , this license is required depending on your State of assignment.
  • 1 or 2 years work experience is also needed for some medical facilities. 

Know the Kinds Of Travel Nurse Jobs

Nurses have specialization and with these skills they can get better compensation. Nurses are ranked according to what’s in demand and most nursing positions that are in high demand are those in emergency departments.  Here are some list of Best Specialty for travel nursing  :

Emergency Room Nurses 

Emergency rooms are never empty, that’s why nurses are always needed in this department. Emergency happens anytime and nurses should always be available to assist patients. 

  1. Medical Surgical Travel Nurse

Part of medical surgical nurses’s responsibilities is  closely monitoring patients who have been released from intensive care units. Which means these patients are at high risk for complications so they need special care. 

  1. ICU Travel Nurses

Intensive care units handle patients that need special care since they are either suffering from trauma, accidents , organ failure and surgery. These patients need to be monitored closely with their medications therefore the ratio of nurse and patient should be 1:1 or sometimes one patient needs more than one nurse. 

  1. Operating Room Travel Nurse 

Operating rooms are also areas where nurses need to be alert and active since patients here utmost care and nurses assist doctors to make operations successful. The need for nurses in the department is in high demand since more than one nurse is needed to assist a surgeon when operating. 

  1. Long Term Acute Care Travel Nurses 

LTAC nurses are responsible for assisting patients with complex medical needs. LTAC nurses are not only expected to care for their patient’s medical needs but also to support them from their recoveries from severe illnesses or other conditions. That’s why it is called long term because caring for them will be needed for a long period of time. Some patients who have been sent home sometimes still need to be visited by LTAC nurses to monitor their conditions. 

These are just a few of the in demand travel nurse jobs you can see on the list. There are more and you will never run out of job opportunities if you choose to become a travel nurse.  Travel Nurse Jobs can be a gateway for nurses who want to explore the world and at the same time grow their career. Job opportunities are never ending if you work as a travel nurse. We hope our first time travel nursing tips can help you start your journey as a travel nurse. You can contact the travel nurse agency nearest you and they can feed you with more details on how to start as a travel nurse.