How to convince a senior to wear an adult incontinence product

Alica P. Craig

Many people find it tough to accept and deal with incontinence. Many seniors try to ignore this new development in their life and try to move on with their lives. However, if they are careful and learn to deal with the issue by themselves, it would never remain a problem. There are different ways to encourage the seniors and address the issue but it requires patience, understanding and commitment to upholding the loved one’s dignity. 

Some seniors prefer not to use it just because they are u comfortable using that particular product. In such situations, you should consider buying the best incontinence pants , Australia. One of the websites you could shop for incontinence pads, Confidence club is from ‘confidence club’. You could find a variety of products available in different sizes, capacities and types for affordable rates. 

Initially determine the cause of Incontinence

Changing the words will not help in solving the incontinence problem. When it becomes a major concern, the loved ones need to visit the doctor and tackle the issue. Incontinence can also happen as a result of a UTI or an overactive bladder or a serious underlying issue such as prostate problems in men or pelvic organ prolapse in women. 

Most likely, you might have taken the elderly to a doctor to address the issue. After testing to determine the type of incontinence experienced by the elderly, the doctor might recommend pelvic floor exercises; minor surgical procedures and medications that could help manage incontinence. Getting a second opinion from a urologist could be a great idea. If the seniors have faecal incontinence, a gastroenterologist could help. If they can identify the exact reason behind the issue and treat it, then the use of incontinence products for the long term would be unnecessary. 

Deal with denial of elderly incontinence & convince them to help

If your loved one has no specific cognitive issues but they prefer to live in denial, you could try and speak to them. Many people are reluctant to admit that they face incontinence and need help. Incontinence can be a tough thing to accept. However, if you are not related to the senior, you could convince them that the smell could be embarrassing rather than wearing protection which could avoid all such instances. Promise to work with them and help them find an apt product that could help them maintain their dignity, extend their independence and improve their appearance. Incontinence might cause the seniors to withdraw and become less active so that they could avoid embarrassing situations. 

Ask doctor or friend for help

Just like various issues, you could ask a non-family member like a trusted doctor or friend to tackle the issue.  Most seniors would tend to shrug off suggestions from people within the family, especially when it is coming from their children or relatives.

 Our parents have changed diapers for us when we were babies and it is tough for them to accept the fact that we have to do similar things to them as they age. Receiving advice from someone who gave advice once would be a tough task as you don’t have first-hand experience would make the issue complicated to handle. This would make them react dismissively or defensively. 

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