Increasing Products and Services using Online Business to Business Portal

Alica P. Craig

In the fast-moving world of business-to-business eCommerce, B2B portals have become an indispensable tool for companies in selling their products and services. The emergence of online portals has eased the hassle of businesses in carrying out effective marketing campaigns. These business-to-business portals have become a major source of revenue generation for many small, medium, and large organizations in various industries. This is attributed to the increasing demand for the products and services on the B2B portals by businesses seeking to expand their business to a global level.

Interface between prospective customers and merchants

A plethora of sites is available on the World Wide Web that offers a platform for business-to-business (B2B) transactions. These portals enable customers to purchase products from other companies and have them delivered to the doorstep of the business houses. The sites work as an interface between the prospective customers and the manufacturers/merchants. For instance, if you want to place an order for the production of widgets, you may visit a site that offers b2b eCommerce services and place the order there. The company will send you the product list, the specifications, and the payment terms via email. The widget manufacturer will send you a quotation and payment terms after the evaluation of your business requirements.

Low operational costs and increasing revenues

Business-to-business eCommerce portals enable businesses to keep their operational costs low while increasing their revenues by providing real-time purchasing options. Real-time purchasing options allow buyers to make their own decisions regarding the purchase of goods and services. It helps sellers and wholesalers by reducing operating expenses like salaries paid to salespersons and inventory clerks while increasing cash flow. Business-to-business sites provide manufacturers and wholesalers real-time buying options by accepting credit cards and electronic check payments. The websites help businesses in:

Make online shopping and transactions simple and convenient for both users and retailers

One of the major advantages of using B2B portals for online marketing is the inclusion of various features, which can simplify the process of doing business. Most popular features include shopping carts, forms, product catalogs, blogs, photo galleries, online reviews, phone solutions, and the ability to build sales reports. Business-to-business sites allow the users to buy products in bulk or as sales. Buyers and sellers can pay using various payment methods including PayPal, credit cards, eCommerce accounts, and debit cards. These features make online shopping and transactions simple and convenient for both users and retailers.

Business-to-business sites also offer the option of creating multiple accounts for hosted shopping carts. Business to business sites are used by medium-sized companies and individuals to expand their business reach. Business-to-business portals host several popular companies such as Google, Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, Expedia, Yahoo, and others. These websites host a variety of products including software, printers, electronics, automobiles, medical devices, food services, office supplies, consumer goods and services, and more.

Provide better management options for customers

Online eCommerce portals are gaining popularity across the world as they provide better management options for customers and enable better marketing of products and services. The users can access information about products, prices, features, and payment options using interactive web pages. Business-to-business portals provide better management tools for better marketing of products and services to new clients. The search tools, which are provided by these sites help in finding the desired products and services and in making the sales. Ecommerce shopping carts facilitate better management and better marketing of products and services.

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