June 2, 2023


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If you are someone who tried to go into the lane of diets but backed out because of all the restrictions and strictness, then the flexitarian diet is the thing for you. Going in line with the name, flexitarian is a type of diet that encourages eating mostly plant-based foods while having any other food items in moderation. This diet does not abide by any constraints while providing numerous health benefits. So, that means, you can enjoy your favourite foods when the craving strikes, even on a diet!

What exactly is it?

The term “flexitarian” is the amalgamation of “flexible” and “vegetarian.” The diet emphasises consuming more food items that are made of plants but it is not similar to stringent vegetarian and vegan diets. This diet gives proper space to include other food items in the routine but also says that balance is the key. By doing so, the diet allows room for variation and makes it easy for people to stand true to the diet.

Various health enthusiasts have embraced the philosophy of this diet because of the no rule policy this diet follows. The eating pattern is completely simple and is intended for anyone who wants to shift into a nourishing diet but also wants to indulge in their favourite foods in a fairly balanced way.

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The diet focuses less on removing food items from the lifestyle and instead pay more heed to add great quantities of plant foods into the diet. Plants are rich in essential nutrients and phytochemicals that further prevent the human body from various health complications including cancer, diabetes, and obesity.

Here are certain principles of this diet:

  • Do include a good variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains regularly
  • Prioritize plant-based protein instead of animals
  • Go ahead and incorporate animal products whenever required
  • Try to consume minimum quantities of processed food items and rely on the natural ones.
  • Try to limit added sugar

Health benefits

  • Decrease high blood pressure levels
  • Save you from obesity by maintaining a healthy body weight
  • Develop metabolic health
  • Decrease the risk of diabetes and cancer
  • Ease out the inflammatory bowel conditions

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By giving freedom to incorporate each and every item in the diet, the flexitarian diet is considered one of the healthiest, safe and appropriate diets. The diet provides the perfect blend of every nutrient and can be extremely beneficial if planned properly. Eating a flexitarian diet can not only add up to your health and fitness but it is also safe for the planet. However, how you plan your diet is vital to avoid any nutritional deficiencies and to reap the maximum health benefits.


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