Treatment for Heartburn 

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You may have had a feeling that your chest is on fire after having a heavy or fatty meal- that often occurs due to acidity. If you have a complaint of heartburn, you must visit the healthcare provider. They can prescribe medications to relieve the condition. Moreover, if you are overweight or obese, you must shed those extra pounds as they can put pressure on your stomach, which causes acid to regurgitate. 


In this article, we will tell you the treatment that your doctor may prescribe to you for the treatment of heartburn. If you have a complaint of heartburn or acidity, you can visit the Gastroenterologist in Lahore.


What are the Treatments for Heartburn?


Your healthcare provider can prescribe you various medicines for heartburn relief, depending upon the severity. Several medicines can help relieve the symptoms of acidity. You can get them over the counter, which means you do not need a prescription for them. Your pharmacist or doctor can decide which one is the most suitable one for you. 




Antacids containing calcium carbonate or magnesium sulfate can help relieve the symptoms of acidity. They work by neutralizing the acidic pH of the gastric fluid. 


Antacids provide quick relief and remain for up to three hours. 


Magnesium-containing antacids can help heal stomach ulcers. They give quick relief and come in pills and liquid formulations. 


The side effects of antacids are that they can cause constipation and diarrhea. If you have chronic kidney disease, you should avoid their use. Therefore consult with a healthcare provider before taking any medication. 


Some antacids contain too much salt. Therefore they can worsen hypertension and kidney disease. 


H2 Receptor Blocker 


H2 receptor blockers provide relief from heartburn by reducing the amount of acid your stomach produces. They are not as fast-acting as antacids, but provide relief for a long time. 


H2 receptor blockers show their actions in around half an hour and provide relief up to 12 hours. Their side effects may include constipation, diarrhea, and nausea. 


Your healthcare providers may prescribe antacids and H2 receptor blockers together. They come in liquid and pills and are prescribed for short-term use- around 2 weeks. 


Some H2 receptor blockers may interact with other medications, such as:


  • Antiseizure drugs
  • Antiarrhythmic drugs
  • Blood thinners


Proton Pump Inhibitors


Proton pump inhibitors, more commonly known as PPIs, are given to control severe heartburn. They are much more effective in the long term as compared to the antacids and H2 receptor blockers. PPIs work by lowering the amount of acid your body produces. 


Proton pump inhibitors show their actions in up to 4 days. Their actions last up to 24 hours. The side effects of proton pump inhibitors can be headache, nausea, diarrhea, and stomachache. 


Often your healthcare providers would ask you to take a proton pump inhibitor early in the morning before breakfast. So, they can control the stomach acid secretion before you eat anything. 




Prokinetics work by enhancing your gastric emptying. They cause your stomach to empty early. In this way, you will have less acid secretion. Mostly you have to take these medicines at bedtime or before meals. 


The common side effects of prokinetics are diarrhea, fatigue, and lethargy. 


The Bottom Line 


Heartburn can be controlled with the above-mentioned medications. Sometimes you may need to get an intravenous injectable if the condition is too severe. 


Along with medications, you also need to live a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you eat bland food with less oil, have a healthy weight according to the body mass index, and do not eat just before going to bed. If you have a complaint of heartburn, you can visit a Gastroenterologist in Karachi.


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